Answered By: Ronalee Ciocco
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1.      Click the Windows/Start Button and then click “Devices and Printers” from the right column.

2.      Click “Add a Printer” and then click “Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer”

3.      Click “The Printer that I want isn’t listed”

4.      Select “Add a printer using TCP/IP address” and click next.

5.      Type the IP address (see bottom of the page) as shown for the printer you would like to use in the Hostname or IP address bar and click next:       


6.      From the dropdown menu select “Kyocera Network Printer” as the device type and click next.

7.      In the Manufacturer column select “Kyocera” and in the Printer column select “KyoceraFS9530DN” and click next.             

8.      Name the printer whatever you choose (ex: Library Ground Floor 1) and click next.

9.      Select “Do not share this printer” and click next.

10.  Check the box if you would like this to be your default printer and click finish.

Library Printer IP Addresses:

Library Reference Lab Printer –

Library Ground Floor Printer 1 –

Library Ground Floor Printer 2 –