Answered By: R.C. Miessler
Last Updated: Apr 08, 2020     Views: 29

Off-campus registration with SciFinder is possible with the following directions.

Use Firefox, not Chrome.

Go to

Login with your Gettysburg College network username and password.

Register an account with SciFinder with your email address. You should receive an email from Do NOT click on the registration link you receive in the email. Instead, copy the entire link from the email. It should look like

Do not right-click and select copy! Instead, highlight the text of the entire link and copy it using Control+C (Windows) or Command+C (Macintosh).

Go to

Paste the link you copied into the first box.

Click the Create Link button. It should look generate a link that looks like:

If you see any % symbols or the word linkprotect in the link, start over, making sure to use the copying directions above.

Copy the link that is created and paste it into Firefox to visit the registration webpage. You may have to login to off-campus access again with your Gettysburg College network username and password first.

Registration should be complete. You should then be able to login to SciFinder at with the SciFinder username and password you created.