Answered By: Janelle Wertzberger
Last Updated: Jan 09, 2015     Views: 96

Musselman Library does not systematically buy copies of every textbook assigned in every class (that would blow our budget in short order!).

However, you should check MUSCAT Plus (our library catalog) to see if we have your book.  Some assigned texts are not "textbooks" in the traditional sense.  For example, your English class may be reading Jane Eyre.  Of course we have a copy of Jane Eyre!  We also have copies of many scholarly books that are not textbooks - one of these may be on your reading list.  Check MUSCAT Plus to be sure.

Sometimes professors put a copy of the course textbook on reserve in the library.  If this is the case, the book will appear in MUSCAT Plus.  If you want to know if your professor has put anything on reserve for your class, search MUSCAT Plus by professor's last name or course number.  Reserve books generally check out for 2 hours at a time.  They are meant to be shared by every student in the class.

If you are concerned about the price of your textbook, please speak with your professor about alternatives.  Ask if an earlier edition of the textbook would be sufficient (used copies of earlier editions will be much less expensive than new copies of the current edition).  Consider sharing a book with a classmate.  Renting textbooks is more affordable than buying them.  There are options to explore.