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The answer is "yes!"  However, depending on the device you have, the  vendor platform on which the ebook resides, and the publisher, the process may be more or less complex - and sometimes an ebook download just isn't possible.  We want this process to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible for you, and we are keeping abreast of current ebook developments.  They come fast and furious, so what frustrates today may be possible tomorrow.

All ebooks provided by Musselman Library are in our catalog, MUSCAT Plus - so you can search for them in the same way you search for any library book here.  Many of our ebooks are downloadable (though vendor platform and publisher licenses determine this, not librarians!).  

  • Most of Musselman Library's ebooks reside on the ebrary platform, and most of them are downloadable in either pdf or epub format.  [Note that if you want text to "flow" on your device, you should choose the non-proprietary epub format if available, only available on non-Kindle devices.  If you are a Kindle user, you must read ebrary books in pdf format.]  See here for more information about ebrary downloads.  Yes, there are apps!
  • The EBSCOhost ebooks (formerly netlibrary) are also downloadable. See here for details.
  • OverDrive ebooks, popular fiction and nonfiction titles, are downloadable. See this guide for more information.

Please contact a reference librarian if you have questions and/or feedback. We have been experimenting with many ebook devices.

We know many of you are reading ebooks for "fun" rather than for class or work.  In addition to our OverDrive collection, you may wish to access larger collections of recreational ebooks from public libraries.  If you are a resident* of Adams County, PA, and have a library card from the Adams County Library System (ACLS), you have several great options:

  1. Adams County Library System.  Download ebooks from the 3M Cloud Library.  Currently, downloads are only available to non-Kindle devices (though you can read on a computer screen if you like).  You will need to download the 3M Cloud Library program/app, and you need an Adobe Digital Editions account.
  2. York County Libraries.  Download ebooks from Overdrive in the "eBranch" of York County Libraries (YCL).  Adams and York counties have reciprocal borrowing, but you will need to apply for a YCL card (see attached file). Important: write your ACLS library barcode number at the bottom of the YCL application! Your number will be the same for both systems. Apply in person at any YCL location (the closest is Guthrie Memorial Library in Hanover, PA) or email your completed form to Rebecca Shives at (Try using our BookScan station to scan your completed application - it is fast and simple to use.)  Overdrive ebooks are available for Kindle and non-Kindle e-reader devices.
  3. Free Library of Philadelphia.  Download ebooks from Overdrive in the "Digital Media" collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP). Again, you will need to obtain a library card from FLP. Anyone with a PA library card with an AccessPA sticker is eligible for a free FLP card (Adams County cards have this sticker).  You may apply online.  Overdrive ebooks are available for Kindle and non-Kindle e-reader devices.

Again, please contact us with any questions. The ebook landscape is changing very quickly!

*Students, you are residents and are eligible to get ACLS library cards! But if you have a library card from another county in PA, feel free to access ebooks from your home public library (if they offer ebooks).

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  1. eBooks are not very useful if they cannot be read on a computer, which the college does provide faculty, and there are only directions here for e-reader devices, which the college does not provide - yet. I imagine the ebary account works on computers as well, so combined instructions on how to access the ebooks on all electronic devices would be most helpful.
    by Anonymous on Dec 29, 2012.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. We have added instructions for downloading ebooks to a computer.

    Please email to let us know if you have additional questions.
    by Jessica Howard on Jan 04, 2013.
  3. I rarely use Nook, but use Kindle Fire a lot, also purchased a pw earlier this year.

    I mostly get free books from torrent sites, including social communities, later I realized I can borrow books from local library.
    This is about how to borrow Kindle books from library.

    Hope it helps.
    by clan on Aug 30, 2013.
  4. Thanks for your comment.

    We are happy to announce that we recently added a selection of OverDrive ( ebooks to our library collection.

    These popular fiction and nonfiction titles are available to members of the Gettysburg College community.

    Learn more on our OverDrive guide:
    by Jessica Howard on Sep 17, 2013.